Chiron’s leading-edge armour system is proudly Australian-owned. All engineering design and prototyping is carried out at Chiron’s in-house Research and Development facility by a team of composites engineers, armour design and fabrication specialists. Large scale manufacture is undertaken in NSW, Australia in conjunction with Chiron’s manufacturing partner, a long-standing industry specialist supplying advanced composites ballistic grade armour, including covert and high curvature body armour, to Defence and Law Enforcement organisations.



Over five years of extensive research, development and testing have gone into Chiron’s patent-pending, high-tech armour system, culminating in leading-edge products constructed of a combination of advanced composite, high-performance materials, designed to maximise protection while ensuring high levels of agility. Chiron is proud to partner with award-winning Industrial Design Engineering company D+I, and the University of Melbourne who have subjected Chiron prototypes to rigorous independent test criteria and provided third party design expertise.



Chiron’s armour prototypes have undergone significant testing, including a range of blunt force impact tests, destruction tests, steel ball drop tests, agility and speed tests and CQC tests with Naval Boarding and Clearance units, Military Police, Law Enforcement Tactical Ops teams, Special Forces and frontline infantry personnel.


Current Chiron-X1TM and Chiron-X1RTM suits undergo rigorous testing and safety trials, prior to being distributed and are independently certified to ensure they meet relevant safety standards.