Chiron Global Tech is an innovative, Australian technology company that has developed a unique, patented training and operational body armour system for Defence, Law Enforcement, Security and Corrections personnel.


Chiron Global Tech’s ‘X-Series’ is a world-leading, close-quarter combat (CQC) armour system that is setting the standard for combatives training, riot and “first-entrants” personal protective equipment. Chiron’s highly protective armour system has been designed to allow personnel to train with unprecedented levels of realism and increase the survivability of on-duty personnel.



Chiron’s flagship world-leading training armour system, the Chiron-X1TM revolutionises current force-on-force training, reducing personnel injuries while training, and helping to save lives in violent operational encounters. The unique patented design enables personnel to truly ‘Train as they Fight’ using realistic high-impact forces and high-speed strikes to vital targets with high levels of safety.


Manufactured from advanced composite materials the Chiron-X1TM is lightweight and agile, while maintaining high levels of protection and coverage. The Chiron-X1TM enables seamless ‘force continuum escalation’ training where personnel can easily switch from kinetic to non-kinetic training without changing equipment or suits, promoting superior levels of training realism while reinforcing correct muscle memory.

“This kit allows optimum training for military and law enforcement. To be able to use my equipment, deliver blows, fire rounds and get as close to reality as possible without anyone being injured. There is nothing that allows us to achieve that … except for this armour.”


Paul Cale – CEO, Kinetic Fighting and Creator of the ADF’s Army Combatives Program



The Chiron-X1TM is also available in an operational version for first responders. The Chiron-X1RTM is a highly protective, full-coverage, lightweight armour system for civil unrest and highly dangerous scenarios including violent prisoner cell extraction and transportation, and other high-risk security scenarios. The Chiron-X3TM (currently undergoing development and certification ) offers all of the features of the Chiron-X1RTM, with additional personal protection levels for frontline “first-entrant” personnel. The Chiron-X3TM  has been engineered to provide the highest levels of coverage without compromising on weight or agility. Chiron’s X-series unique design can also integrate third party technologies including biometric and blast sensors providing data on the health status of personnel during training or in the field.



Chiron Global Tech has received support from the Australian Government via the Australian Manufacturing Growth Centre, including funding to scale the manufacture of the Chiron-X1TM. Chiron’s in-house design and engineering team has worked in close collaboration with Chiron’s manufacturing partners to produce the Chiron-X1TM training suit, a world-leading product that showcases sovereign Australian innovation, Australian IP, advanced composite materials and advanced manufacturing technologies; especially for the Law Enforcement, Defence, Security and Corrections markets.