Kinetic Fighting


Chiron has partnered with world-leading combatives training group Kinetic Fighting Pty Ltd (KEF Group) for kinetic and non-kinetic training using the Chiron-X1TM training armour. Kinetic Fighting specialises in preparing front-line personnel for success in high-end, extreme-risk operations and has set the standard for many years in close-quarter tactical training for armed forces, law enforcement and other organisations operating on the front line. Kinetic’s team of close-quarter combat (CQC) subject-matter experts, led by former Australian Defence Force Special Forces operator, Paul Cale provides hands-on instruction on how to most effectively utilise the Chiron-X1TM training armour for CQC and marking munition round (MMR) training. Paul wrote the Army Combatives Program that is currently used by the Australian Defence Force and has recently been adopted by the New Zealand Defence Force.




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